Tourism businesses need clearer advice
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Tourism businesses need clearer advice

With the Easter holiday period approaching, more detailed information for tourist accommodation providers is being sought by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.
“At present there is a directive to cease non-essential travel, but it lacks detail and is leaving accommodation providers in a predicament when people turn up for what is clearly non-essential visits (tourism),” he said.
“I have had cases where accommodation providers who want to do the right thing, are telling people they should not be away from home, but are then abused by those who have driven to the area and want to book in.
“What I am seeking – and we all need to work together on these matters – is for the advice on non-essential travel to be backed up with a solid unambiguous directive that accommodation operators can use as a clear-cut edict.
“This would at least give the business owners the support they need and provide clarity to the wider population.
“Most people are doing the right thing and not holidaying, but there a few still coming. I am pleased to say most tourism business operators are doing the right thing and refusing the bookings when it is clearly holiday travel, but they should not be copping a tongue lashing due to the uncertainty.
“These businesses cannot close as some accommodation is needed for essential services, but we need to help them with clearer information.”
Mr Bull said there was similar confusion with boating. He said Better Boating Victoria had stated it was a non-essential activity, but there was no real directive to back it up.
Caption; Local MP Tim Bull says tourism business need clearer advice on what constitutes non-essential travel.
Paynesville image courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub