New projects must be funded and Bullock Island a priority
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New projects must be funded and Bullock Island a priority

With the announcement in the past two days that the State Government will spend $34 million in the west of the state on tourism infrastructure, Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, said East Gippsland can expect a massive boost announced this week.

“Given the west of the state never lost it’s summer tourism season to fires, I would be anticipating the Government will be announcing significantly more for this region,” he said.

“The focus of any funding needs to be on new infrastructure, projects like the Bullock Island upgrade at Lakes Entrance and the Slip Road (Squatter’s Row) redevelopment at Paynesville – developments that will either provide a tourist attraction or make the experience more friendly.

“Our money should not be going into rebuilds of existing infrastructure destroyed in the fires – that should be done anyway. To spend it on rebuilding what was burned is short changing the region.

“The government has been presented with a range of projects that will be game changers for our area and the two above and just two of many that could benefit our area.

“Bullock Island, for example, could become a jewel in the crown of the region rather than an eye sore as you drive down Jemmy’s Point.

“After years of work between agencies and sorting our ownership of the land, we now finally have a detailed plan to bring this area into a modern tourist friendly location and the funds should be made available to finish these works.

“I would be expecting it will be somewhere near the top of the list,” said Mr Bull.

Caption: Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, on Bullock Island, an area that will benefit from investment and development, making the most of the natural beauty of the island.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020