2011 Fire Awareness Awards
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2011 Fire Awareness Awards


Entries are now open for the 2011 Fire Awareness Awards which provide members of the public with an opportunity to recognise the hard work of individuals, groups and organisations involved in fire projects across Victoria.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said “I strongly urge the local community to nominate those people who are involved in projects that help make Victorians safer from the dangers of fire, whether it is from bushfire, or house and building fires.”

“The awards are open to anyone involved in projects that are aimed at reducing the frequency, severity or impact of fires in Victoria and projects which focus on fire safety, awareness, prevention, response or recovery.”

Eight of the 15 award categories are community-based awards, including categories such as Recovery, Community Preparedness, Aged/Disability and Volunteer.

“In addition to the awards, there are financial grants available to further develop fire safety projects or ideas, including a $10,000 RACV Insurance Fire Innovation grant and $2,000 Special Incentive grants.

“It is important that we acknowledge the hard work of those individuals who are involved in fire projects and these awards provide an important opportunity for people to share in their contribution, expertise and experience,” Mr Bull said.

Entries close at 4pm on Friday September 30, 2011.

Further information can be obtained by visiting: www.fireawarenessawards.com.au or calling Caitlan Barratt on (03) 9412 4465.