Extra Landcare facilitator for East Gippsland

Snowy River Interstate Landcare has received an extra Landcare facilitator as part of the Victorian Government’s Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Program.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the new facilitator reflected the government’s commitment to preserving the environment and welcomed the announcement that East Gippsland was to receive an additional facilitator.

"Snowy River Interstate Landcare is a volunteer, cross border organisation, responsible for nine landcare groups in the far northern reaches of East Gippsland and the southern Monaro.

“Landcare facilitators are an integral part of the on-ground support that Landcare groups and networks throughout East Gippsland need to undertake their all-important work for the environment and community,” said Mr Bull.

Andrea Mitchell, Landcare Co-ordinator, said the Snowy River Interstate Landcare committee appreciates the opportunity to continue its cross border partnership with the funds provided through the Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Program.

“The organisation has been in place for over 20 years and relies on funding in order to successfully support the nine Landcare groups in this unique cross border situation.

“The four year program will provide stability, allowing the Landcare facilitator to support the isolated communities of Tubbut, Bonang and Bendoc in dealing with issues relating to their natural resources.

“It’s particularly important, geographically isolated communities such as Tubbut are given continued support to undertake environmental projects and improve farming technologies and practices on their land.

“The landcare network also provides latest information relating to natural resource management and provides a platform that brings land owners together to find solutions to local issues,” said Ms Mitchell.

"Landcare groups and networks that received funding for one of the 68 facilitators will also receive $2,000 each to fund a project for on-ground works as part of the initiative and this money will help facilitators and groups to immediately begin works where needed in their local community, said Mr Bull.