Toorloo Arm brigade latest to get retrofit

Toorloo Arm CFA has had its tanker retrofitted with heat shields thanks to a State government grant.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull said fire-fighters play such an important role in protecting our communities, in many cases putting their lives before others at times of high risk and bushfire threat.

“The government is committed to providing modern facilities and equipment, so they are better protected when performing those duties,” said Mr Bull.

“Upgraded features for Toorloo Arm include radiant heat protective curtains, water-spraying systems, heat-shielding panels and intercom communications.

“The addition of these important and effective protective features on all CFA trucks built prior to 2006 will better equip our dedicated crews when confronted with bushfires throughout East Gippsland,” said Mr Bull.

Brigade captain, Wayne Johnston said, “our tanker 90 per cent of the time is called out on strike teams and the heat shield is a great asset in better protecting the safety of our volunteers.”

The program will see the upgrade all CFA trucks built prior to 2006 with a capacity of a 1,000 litres of water or more. All vehicles produced after 2006 were already fitted with crew protection systems.

“This program is delivering vital safety upgrades to Victoria's fire-fighting fleet to reduce the risk of injury to fire-fighters if they get trapped in a burn-over situation,” said Mr Bull.