Labor must save every Heyfield job
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Labor must save every Heyfield job

Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford has refused to detail whether a business case was completed before the Government offered to buy the Heyfield mill, where 260 jobs are facing the axe.

Asked in Parliament on Thursday to provide evidence of a business case, the Minister would only say it would be “unhelpful” to comment with negotiations ongoing.

Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull said the Premier promised to visit the Heyfield mill and speak to workers more than 12 weeks ago – but has failed to show.

“The 260 people who work at the Heyfield mill are not just workers, they are members of our local community groups, sporting clubs and volunteer groups,” Mr Bull said.

“Our community will not stand for the Premier for Melbourne finally visiting Heyfield, only to announce more job losses.

“When Daniel Andrews does finally show his face in Heyfield, he must come with a promise to save all 260 jobs – or not come at all.”

Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh visited Heyfield on Friday to speak to the community.

“Daniel Andrews and Jaala Pulford can’t confirm they commissioned a business case that backs up their offer to buy the Heyfield mill,” Mr Walsh said.

“The timber supply is there, but Daniel Andrews is putting possums before people in a move to create the Great Forest National Park by stealth.

“The Premier for Melbourne must stop putting possums before people and act to save these 260 jobs.”

Friday, May 26, 2017